About us

AoLion About Us.

Aolion specializes in the production accessories game consoles.
We are here to create a better gaming experience for all.
integrates market research, product development and design, production and sales.

Life is full of hardship and bad experiences. Why should this bad experience be extended to games? We just want to tap the fun of the game and bring players a better experience!

Opportunity and The birth of the Company

AoLions' founder, Leon, chose the lion to be the sigil of his company, representing feral ambition of the lion, the king of the savannah. Aolion provides quality fit for all the kings out there.

Leon received his first switch on his 25th birthday. But though he loved his Switch, with the increase in screen-time, the original Switch gampad- and handle became unable to meet his needs.

Leon did his research and found other 3rd-party brands of controllers - still, the feel wasn't quite there... And they couldn't charge while playing!

Thus Leon set out to establish his own game-equipment company to produce higher quality and more powerful controllers.
The Meet of The Founders
Leon was born in Hong Kong - a place where the financial industry is extremely developed while manufacturing is relatively rare.

So Leon took to mainland China to look for opportunities, where he met the other founder of Aolion: Mr. Jiang who has his own production plant.

Design and R&D
Leon and Mr. Jiang gathered a group of employees who were keen on gaming and set up their own professional planning team.

They bought and studied the mainstream gaming accessories on the market, and conducted their own research and development based on the feedback from employees after using these.

Through continuous improvement came the birth of each product, proud were the workers of their efforts and persistence.