Mods and Elite Paddies Metal Material Compatible Gamepad with Extended Key Turbo for Switch

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Mods and Elite rice metal compatible game handles with extended key Turbo back, suitable for SONY PS4 controller adapter

Selling points:
A. Patented design
B. Turbo
C. It can match ten function keys
D. There is a 3.5 mm headphone plug.

1. The microphone function cannot be used during the back button. 2. The wired headset cannot use the sound, please use the Bluetooth headset
3. Does not include the handle.
4. This product only supports PS4 Thin \ PS4 PRO wired mode (including 3M data cable). It does not support wireless mode, nor does it support older PS4 controllers and third-party controllers.
5. To use this product, please turn on the wired connection of the PS4 console.
Specific steps: host device→peripheral device→controller→connection method→using USB cable

Package Include:
Back button* 1
Explanation* 1
Cable* 1